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How Our Apprentice Became Our Longest Serving Employee: Louise’s Story

headshot of a workpays staff, Louise

Our culture is one of our greatest attributes as a company every staff member enjoys working with one another to make a huge difference within the community. For Louise Peel, she has appreciated Workpays so much that she has become our longest-serving employee of over ten years!

Louise was a former apprentice with Workpays, having studied for a Level 4 qualification in employment-related services.

She said: ‘’At the time that I started my apprenticeship, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew was that I wanted to work in a sector where I could help people who had come from a similar background to me. The apprenticeship was referred to me by Workpays as I was unemployed at the time.’’

Once Louise had finished her apprenticeship with Workpays, she was kept on as an engagement officer at the age of 19. 

‘’I started off teaching the learners and speaking to them 1:1 which I loved. It was nice to see how I was making a difference within the classroom on a daily basis, and the learners were always so appreciative.’’

She is now our admin claims and MI manager, meaning she is now part of our back office team, ensuring that the business is running smoothly at all times. While she misses interacting with learners, Louise has loved the last six years as a manager. 

Louise is one of the many great examples of how studying an apprenticeship can change anyone's life, as it can lead to a long and prosperous career in many sectors. It is a stepping stone to stability and success. Louise would recommend an apprenticeship to any individual who is wanting to take their future in a positive direction.

She stated: ‘’I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Workpays on the apprenticeship  that is why I have decided to stay so long!

‘’Studying for an apprenticeship did change my life and help me start my career  I now work for a company where every member of staff deeply cares about the individuals they help, which is amazing.

‘’If you think an apprenticeship is the right choice for you, don’t hesitate to contact Workpays.’’

Do you think an apprenticeship is the next step for you? 


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