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We Are

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Our philosophy may be simple, but it counts for a lot, and it runs through each decision we make as a company and as a family.

Based in the Midlands, we help people of all ages across the country realise their potential and we support businesses by ensuring they have the skilled staff they need.

Our staff are dedicated to helping people at all stages of their employment journey: whether it be putting the first step on the employment ladder, finding a career after a break, or training staff to support business growth.

We know that one small change to your skills, to your job search, to your confidence can make a big difference to your career, to your happiness, to your life. Our mission is to help people at every stage of their employment journey, and our vision is a future where everyone can realise their potential and where all can have a hand in building thriving communities across the country.

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In our first full inspection by Ofsted, we received a Good rating in all six categories, with Ofsted specifically noting on the great culture that Workpays have created for learners.

We are one team

We celebrate and respect everyone’s strengths and differences.

We thrive on collaboration and share our knowledge, resources, and skills with each other as we work towards common goals.

We include and value all our colleagues and we strive to create a fair workplace environment where everyone can feel like they belong.

We lead with kindness

We care about our learners, apprentices, the communities we serve, and each other.

We empathise with the experiences and feelings of others, and we treat everyone with respect.

We act with good intent, and we trust others to do the same.

We care for the world around us and safeguard it for future generations by acting responsibly and sustainably.

We are ambitious

We hold ourselves and each other accountable to the high standards we set.

We do the best we can, and we bring out the best in everyone.

We make constant improvements and challenge ourselves to find better approaches.

We show determination and flexibility when facing obstacles.

We celebrate successes and recognise every team member’s contribution.

We are reliable and authentic

We are open, honest, and humble.

We act ethically and will speak up in the face of wrongdoing.

We commit to our decisions and follow through on our promises.

We own up and make amends if we fall short.

We are courageous learners

We are open-minded and curious about the world and each other.

We seek out opportunities to learn and grow.

We are bold innovators who experiment and learn from mistakes.

We are optimistic about change and resilient in the face of uncertainty.

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