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Tips for Supporting Your Child Through Their Education

Two Workpays staff talking to one another

At Workpays, we strive to provide people within the communities we serve with any support that they may need. As many of our staff are parents themselves, the team understands how supporting your child through their educational journey can be tricky at times. 

This blog aims to help you navigate through this chapter of parenthood with some top tips…

Learn with Workpays

Arguably our best tip of them all, why not learn with Workpays? Quite often, parents struggle to help their children with homework and assignments as the specification on most exam boards has changed over the years. We have plenty of short courses on offer to help you understand what your child is learning and make homework more enjoyable. To make things even better, you can bring along your children to many of our free classes, meaning you can learn together whilst having fun at the same time! To find out more about any of our engaging mini-sessions, simply contact us!

Reassure them

Education is a fantastic privilege within the UK that we should all enjoy, however, it isn’t without its challenges. For many young people, studying can be extremely stressful at times, as the pressure of exams can be daunting. The best thing to do during this time is to be reassuring and supportive. Help them revise by testing them on their cue cards, or simply just be there to listen. However you find ways to support them, we are sure it will go a long way.

Encourage them to seek careers advice

Whilst we have touched on the trials and tribulations of studying, choosing a career path can be a difficult task for many. Which course is the best choice? Should your child choose an apprenticeship or a vocational course? The possibilities are endless! Here at Workpays, our staff are on-hand to offer career advice and guide you through your next steps. We have the National Careers Service at many of our sites to help you and point you in the right direction, as well as our Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge (ASK) team to tell you all about the fantastic benefits of earning while you learn!

With Workpays, education doesn’t have to be such a challenge. We are always here to make things that little bit easier!


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