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4 Great Reasons to Return to Education

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Returning to education - now the concept of this for many people can be quite daunting. Going back to school over the age of 18? You will probably be thinking, who even does that? Well, 878,520 adult learners were back in education as of last year. So, you are not alone! Returning to education and learning new things is NEVER a bad thing, and can sometimes be the best decision you can make.

If so many adults go back to learning, what makes it so great? Here are 4 reasons why you should embrace education with open arms…

Life Experiences May Make This Time Around Easier

As we continue to grow and get older, life experiences will occur. It is these events that can often shape what makes us, well, us! With time may come difficult situations, and possibly some heartache and pain. But it is these experiences that give you different outlooks on life, perspectives that you may not have had at the age of 18. Therefore, if your employer suggests studying a course to upskill within your current role, don’t be afraid! Knowing that whatever you learn in the classroom will be applied directly to your career will give you the motivation you need to succeed and maximise your potential.

Increased Level of Organisation

I think it is fair to say that when you were a teenager, you probably were not the most organised individual. I know I wasn’t - my Mum still did my washing until the age of 16! (Don’t judge). Therefore, going back to education as an adult can make planning your studying much easier, as you will have had to be organised throughout your career. For example, having to be on time for work everyday, meeting deadlines and organising your calendar may all seem minor, but these skills set you up for life. Transcending this into your studying will mean you are on to a winner.

Passionate for Your Studies

After you finish whatever level of education you have currently achieved, you may have had time to reflect on what you studied and why. According to statistics, more than half of GCSE students regret their choices looking back now. Perhaps you studied business studies, but now have a passion for finance? Returning to education as an adult gives you that time to reflect and really discover yourself and who you want to be. As long as you are doing what you love, you really can’t go wrong! So, if you are in the financial sector and have always fancied becoming a business analyst - don’t be shy!

You Forgot how Great Student Discounts Can Be

One thing we all love is a good bargain - you can be sure to find me at the reduced section in my local supermarket. Becoming a student unlocks so many great discounts, such as Unidays and Student Beans. Let’s face it, we probably need to watch the pennies more when we are adults! Children, mortgages, gas, electricity, can all be so expensive. That little extra saving from returning to education can make all the difference. Also, did you know that if you live in the Worcestershire area and enroll on to an apprenticeship, you receive £500? I know right - need I list any more reasons why returning to education is amazing?!

There you have it - needless to say that the anxiety that can surround going back to learning something new isn’t all that it seems. Upskilling or possibly changing career paths altogether can be truly rewarding.

Does it all sound good? Learn more about what we can offer you by clicking here.


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