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Let’s Get Techy: IT Tutor Maia Roberts Gets Students Going Digital

image of workpays staff Maia

For many people, technology is a concept that is difficult to get to grips with. There are computer skills to learn, from anything between excel spreadsheets to understanding software. In modern times, social media technology is also a skill, with smartphones and tablets expanding the digital universe. For tutor Maia Roberts, getting her students up to speed has been a breeze, as she continues to support individuals who may find getting digital a little tricky.

Roberta Steri was just one of the students on Maia’s Essential Digital Skills Courses, and found the content really well structured and easy to manage.

She said: ‘’I really enjoyed the course and the lessons were really well planned out and easy to follow. The topics were also interesting, and Maia made them fun and enjoyable.

‘’The course helped me become more confident in areas I did not know as much about and I acquired lots of new digital terminology.

‘’My experience of this course has been nothing but positive and I would certainly recommend it to others.’’

As well as an Essential Digital Skills course, Maia also teaches IT Essential Skills. The courses Maia teaches are for any individuals looking to upskill their current skills, or perhaps develop new ones for a career change. Ataullah Rohani stated he was grateful for everything he learned with Workpays.

He said: ‘’I have learned so much in Maia’s classes that I didn’t know before which I can now transfer into my career. The teaching methods were fantastic, so I really enjoyed learning!

‘’I am going to stay on the course for longer to continue to develop my computer skills, as the teaching methods are so easy to understand.

‘’I will be recommending this course to my friends who also need to improve their computer skills.’’

For Maia, receiving all of this positive feedback is just an added bonus, as she loves to teach IT skills to individuals who may need it.

She said: ‘’I have really enjoyed teaching these courses to people from all different backgrounds and abilities. 

‘’I struggled with my own IT skills throughout life before working in this industry, so to build the confidence of other learners is a pleasure. 

‘’I always strive to create a safe and fun learning environment for everyone to enjoy.’’

Well done for all your amazing work Maia!


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