Welcome to Workpays

 ASK (Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge for Schools)

 Workpays is the GETINGOFAR representative across the Midlands. We will be supporting 650 schools, 30,000 students and 1,300 teachers to understand more about Apprenticeships and Traineeships, as a positive career entry point and alternative to university.

We are providing impartial services and delivering a variety of information sessions including registering on Find an Apprenticeship. Stimulating interest in applying for an apprenticeship and / or traineeship, whilst simultaneously increasing apprenticeship knowledge for their teachers, parents and governors.


Employability & Skills

There are a lot of people out there who have not worked for a while, good people who want a job.  

We help them to make some small changes like refreshing their CV, updating their skills through work experience.

We place people with Employers like Hermes, HMV, Royal Mail, Parcel Force, Premier Inn and Sainsburys.  

We deliver in the East Midlands and Humber 

We offer a mixture of work experience and interactive learning to improve english, maths and ICT, preparing young people for progression into full time employment or an Apprenticeship. Workpays specialise in hospitality, customer service, music production, sport and tourism. 

Workpays provides Study Programmes, Traineeships, WoW and GetIn2.

We specialise in Music Promotion, Music Production and Hospitality and have vacancies in Sutton in Ashfield, Hull, Derby, Nottingham and Leicester.


Focus on GetIn2 is delivered in Nottingham City.


In partnership with DBC Training and with European Social Fund Investment we are able to offer :

GetIn2 Music Production

GetIn2 Music Promotion

GetIn2 Hospitality

GetIn2 Horticulture  


We work hard to help young people and jobseekers make the small changes you're looking for in a reliable apprentice or employee so that they can make a big difference to your business. 

Tailor made, fee free, recruitment, induction and training

If you have a business in the the Hull, Sutton in Ashfield, Derby, Nottingham or Leicester you could be one of the many employers we supporting every week.