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Entry 3 Certificate in Business and Retail

Course Duration

161 Guided Learning Hours

Tuition Fees

This course is free and accessible to anyone who matches the entry requirements.

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About this course

This qualification provides a range of basic, introductory skills, as well as core knowledge, relevant to business and retail, alongside generic employability skills which are needed both in the business and retail sectors and across other sectors.

What will I study?

Mandatory modules include:

  • Communication skills for work

  • Working in Business and Retail

Optional modules include:

  • Conduct at work

  • Assist in the assembly and presentation of visual merchandising displays

  • being security conscious in a retail environment

  • customer service skills

Why study here?

We don’t just develop the knowledge and skills, we go above and beyond to develop interpersonal skills that help you develop your career. Not just filling out a workbook, taking away the foundations of a great career. Practical vocational experience. Linked to businesses in your community – linked to employment opportunities.

Entry requirements

No prior qualifications are needed.
Available to learners of any age, however, it is anticipated that it will be of specific relevance to:
•Young people interested in a career in the business and/or retail sector(s) who intend, but are not yet ready, to access level 1 qualifications.
• Young people and adults, including those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, who wish to work in the business and/or retail sector(s) but need a grounding in the subject and an opportunity to develop more general workplace skills, usually over one year, before applying for work.

Course duration

161 Guided Learning Hours

What courses can I progress to?

Learners can progress to a Level 1 certificate or diploma in Business and Retail, including Gateway Qualifications’ Level 1 Certificate and Diploma in Business and Retail. Other progression routes include Level 1 qualifications in Office Administration, Practical Office Skills, and Business and/or Retail Support Services

Tuition fees

This course is free and accessible to anyone who matches the entry requirements.

How to apply

To apply for this course, please contact us at

Please note

We make every effort to ensure the information within our online course directory is accurate and a true representation of the courses we are offering in 2023-24. However, we do reserve the right to make changes if necessary.

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