Study Programmes

Study Programmes are a great way to learn the way you like to learn!

Learn ‘YOUR’ way, with WorkPays

If you’re looking to move on to a traineeship, apprenticeship, into employment or onto further education, but just didn’t quite get the GCSE grades expected, then a Study Programme is just what you need to help you on your way.

We realise that studying again for these qualifications might not be what you had in mind. That’s why the structured learning programmes we deliver are designed to be fun and enjoyable. Tailored specifically for you, they will support your development and allow you to progress on your journey to the career of your dreams.

Workpays have an incredible track record in this area, with over 94% of our candidates achieving a recognised accredited qualification at the end of their Study Programme.

How they work and the options available

Not everyone learns in the same way, which is why our Study Programmes are a mixture of learning, work experience (related to your journey) and/or other activities.

This mix offers the best way to develop your personal skills and prepares you for a move on to a traineeship, apprenticeship, employment, training or further education.

If you have any enquiries about our study programmes, please contact us using the form below:

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Achieve qualifications in:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Information Technology
  • Employability Skills

Available Locations:

Derby and Worcestershire


  • Be 16 to 18 years old

(Eligibility is subject to other checks after contacting Workpays)

Worcestershire County Council

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