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March into March: How can keeping active effect your working life?

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This month, Workpays are taking part in a huge team’s challenge by accumulating as many steps as possible! The winning team every week will get to donate a food basket to a charity of their choice, making getting active all the more worthwhile. But what can getting ‘out and about’ do for you?

Well, exercise can benefit you in many more ways then the common desire of wanting to get physically stronger. It can also make you mentally stronger! Here are some of the ways that getting those steps in really can prove beneficial…

It can improve mental health

It is a well-known fact that exercise can improve our mental health by releasing endorphins and making us feel amazing, however, it is often ignored how this can filter into working life. For example, walking or cycling to work rather than getting a mode of transport can leave you feeling energized and ready for the day at 8:30 sharp. It gives you time to think about the day ahead, and generate new and creative ideas you could share with your team.

If we come to work feeling stressed or unhappy, it is fairly obvious that this will negatively impact the day ahead. Don’t get me wrong – some days just aren’t our day. But that’s okay! No one can feel tip-top every single day. However, taking ‘steps’ (pardon the pun) to improve our mood and mental health is a great way to improve our working life.

Encourage team bonding

Getting active can surprisingly encourage team bonding in many ways, through exercising together or taking part in challenges. Workpays are doing both, with some team members running together and others sharing their new personal bests with one another. As a workforce, you could start up a weekly running club, to get everyone active and chatting together. If this doesn’t float everyone’s boat or you are part of a remote team, getting active can be a great way to simply get talking!

Sound good but don’t really know where to start? Whether with others or on your own, the couch to 5k scheme is a great starting point. The NHS website gives lots of tips on how to motivate yourself and how to build your way up to a run you should be proud of. Check it out!

Faster learning

As well as all the other fantastic benefits you can get from exercise, did you know it can actually make you learn faster? This can include learning new skills, picking up on new processes, or growing personally within your current role. Who knows – it may even open new opportunities for career progression! Similar benefits can include sharper focus, improved concentration and a higher rate of creativity. These are all benefits which don’t only improve your personal life but make great mental additions to your job.

So there you have it! We hope our March into March steppers have given you some inspiration to get active and moving. Perhaps you may even start your own steps challenge for this month – we are loving it, so get involved!

To find out how our weekly Workpays steppers are getting on, check out our social media platforms!


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