The start of a new journey: welcome to the workpays team ruth!

This week at Workpays, we are delighted to announce that we have a new People and Culture Manager joining our team! 

Ruth has had an interesting journey into the world of HR, as it was not a career that she had initially planned to pursue when leaving school after completing her A-Levels. 

Her career started a little later than planned, as Ruth had her children in her early 20s. She has worked in a variety of part-time roles, including a business administrator, a graphic designer, and a baker. 

In 2015 she decided to embark on a career change, as her children were older and more independent, meaning she had the opportunity to develop her career. 

Ruth said: ‘’Being in business administration allowed me to develop and acquire lots of transferable skills that I knew I could take with me into other sectors. I looked at careers that suited my passions and felt that a path into HR would suit me and be something that I could be good at.

‘’Just because you start your career a little later, that doesn’t matter and does not define your journey. I love that I made time for a family and now I can focus on my career.’’

Ruth began to look for something local and managed to get an entry-level HR position in the pharmacy sector. It gave her the passion to help people at work and she began to realise this was the right sector for her.

‘’We spend more time with our work family than our home family at times, so it’s very important to me that employees feel looked after.’’

After this role, she secured a position as a HR administrator for a national children’s charity, which taught her the fundamental skills needed for the HR sector. Eager to progress in her career, Ruth was given the opportunity to move into a HR advisor role in the construction sector.

She said: ‘’I developed my skills through coaching and supporting managers, as well as leading on projects.’’

This all led to Ruth starting at Workpays, meaning working in a new industry, as she felt ready for a new challenge.

She said: ‘’I am excited to start as People and Culture Manager with Workpays as I want to use my skills and experience to help achieve success for the business and ensure employees have an amazing career journey. 

‘’Workpays support adults with getting into work, sometimes at a later stage in life, which I can resonate with as this is exactly how I began my career in HR.

‘’I can’t wait to get started in a workplace that is passionate about supporting its employees and learners.’’

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