Workpays and Jobs 22 proudly welcomed Minister of State for Disabled People, Health, and Work for the United Kingdom, Tom Pursglove, to our Corby centre.

Tom Pursglove is the local MP for Corby and wanted to see all the hard work put into the Restart scheme to help individuals find work in the area.

He is a keen advocate of the Government’s aim to increase employment and economic productivity in the UK, particularly among those with disabilities, long-term illness, and those facing complex barriers to work. 

Mr. Pursglove gained an understanding from the team about the services our Corby centre offers, how this positively impacts the community, and how Jobs 22’s model of holistic employment support is an example of best practice in the sector. 

The team thoroughly enjoyed Mr Pursglove’s visit, alongside meeting Jobs 22 CEO, Ayden Sims. Mr Pursglove stated that he was astounded by the efforts of both parties to ensure that the Restart scheme was successful.

He said: ‘’It is amazing to see the work that is going on here and how everyone pulls together as a team.

‘’It’s so lovely to see Jobs 22 and Workpays working together to benefit the community. The atmosphere in the Corby office is just so positive.’’

Mr Pursglove agreed with the rest of the team that Restart gives participants the confidence that they need to help them get back into a career they are passionate about.

‘’The Restart scheme helps individuals change their mindset and look for jobs that they will enjoy. The staff support people through the journey, which is fantastic.

‘’I am so pleased that we have a strong local team that can draw on their expertise and share this fountain of knowledge with others.’’

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