AIMING FOR EXCELLENCE: etf visited to enhance staff training

Workpays and the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) held a meeting earlier this month to discuss the importance of allowing staff members to grow their own skills through training.

The ETF aims to improve the quality of teaching and leadership in the further education and training sector. To do this, they look to give more training opportunities to independent providers. 

Workpays strongly believes in developing its own people and are excited to have even more opportunities for its staff to pursue continuous professional development 

Director of Excellence, Kevin Dowson, organised the day to demonstrate the important role that Workpays play in the FE system. 

He said: ‘’Workpays delivers a wide range of courses to help people enter a working environment and develop the skills and knowledge that they need. This can be through the development of literacy and numeracy skills, the provision of vocational training, such as construction or health and care, or specific technical training through our apprenticeship programmes.

‘’It was great to meet with Katerina, CEO of the ETF, as she understands just how important Workpays’ position in the sector is.

‘’We look forward to continuing to work with the ETF and build on our workforce development plans by investing in the professional development of our employees.’’

Interviews took place throughout the day and centered around how continuous professional development can benefit both staff and learners. Alex Glasner and Anne Wright, joint Managing Directors of Workpays, both gave their insight on how the business helps the community grow with our programmes.

Anne said: ‘’It’s fantastic to be able to meet with other organisations who care so deeply about learners and staff in the education sector.

‘’We value the continued professional development of our staff and we actively encourage all departments to enrol in any courses they wish to do so.

‘’The visit was lovely and will be the first of many to display our commitment to continuous professional development.’’

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