At the heart of Workpays are brilliant staff who dedicate their working day to making positive changes in an individual’s life. Our Derby centre is no different, with manager Kooner Singh making a real difference daily.

Kooner started his Workpays journey with us nine years ago, after working on the front line as a Youth Support Worker. He would speak to colleges, referral partners, and the police to try and get young people on a positive path. Kooner would even find young people who were struggling on the streets and get them into education. 

Whilst working for Youth Support, Kooner spent two years on a gang project, working closely with the police to educate young people. Individuals often saw him as an ally and would listen to him discuss anti-social behaviour and gang culture.

He stated: ‘’The latest crime data for Derby shows that knife crime is the second highest on the list – it is a real issue within the community, which is why I am passionate about educating others on the dangers of carrying knives.’’

It is no surprise due to his background that Kooner started on the engagement team, as he feels this is one of his many strengths.

He said: ‘’Because of my past experiences, I am very good at my job and working with difficult young people. I enjoy making a difference in their life, no matter what their background may be.’’

‘’I have a lot of patience and confidence, meaning I feel comfortable speaking to anyone. This then makes the other person feel comfortable talking to me, which is why I have always chosen to work with people who need support. 

After working as part of the engagement team, Kooner is now the Centre Manager for Derby and goes above and beyond to make the community a better place.

He said: ‘’I have no degree, no high-level qualifications, but my experience on the front line has allowed me to understand how to communicate with someone who is having a difficult time or who may have chosen the wrong path.

‘’Myself and the rest of the Workpays team aims to support these individuals and point them in the right direction to achieve a successful career and better life for themselves.

‘’Anyone can turn their life around and Workpays are here to make that happen.’’

Well done to Kooner and the Derby team for all of their hard work!

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