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Study Programmes

If you’re looking to move on to an apprenticeship, into employment or onto further education, but just didn’t quite get the GCSE grades expected, then a Study Programme is just what you need to help you on your way. Our Study Programmes are a mixture of learning, work experience (related to your journey) and/or other activities. 

National Career Services (NCS)

In partnership with the National  Careers Service, Workpays offers career advice to any individual, no matter where they are in their career journey. We will help you look for the right job, or match you with the perfect course to help you secure it.

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Numeracy Support

We offer an array of numeracy support sessions across our centres for any individuals who are looking to improve their skills to support their day-to-day lives. Having mathematical skills unlocks so many career opportunities and Workpays prides itself on helping anyone of any ability.


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