Hannah, aged 26, is the perfect example of someone pursuing their dreams! Having not worked for a while due to raising her 13 year and 4-year-old children as a single parent, Hannah thought her ambitions of becoming a teaching assistant had passed her. This all changed when a meeting with her local job centre reignited her passion for a new career and a chance to follow her ambitions.

Certainly not lacking in passion, commitment, or a willingness to learn, Hannah lacked the experience to get started. She was referred to Workpays via the JobCentre, as she was a perfect candidate for our Restart programme.  The programme offers tailored support to assist participants with getting back into work. Hannah has already participated in many employability workshops, job clubs, and job fairs to ensure she can secure a career in teaching.

Hannah has access to computers and support from tutors whenever she may need it, and has received lots of help with interview preparation. She is completing an online first aid course soon and is looking to enrol on a Level 1 course with Workpays support. Since being on the Restart scheme in November, Hannah has benefited from staff matching her with courses that may suit her and any jobs they believe she would enjoy.

Hannah said: ‘’I am enjoying the Restart programme, as the staff are supportive and friendly. Everyone is easy to talk to, and nobody judges you. 

The team at Workpays know I would like a role in teaching and they have done their best to fill in any gaps needed to access this career.’’

As well as helping Hannah with her job search, the Restart programme allows for flexibility around people’s lifestyles and commitments.

She stated: ‘’It has massively helped me that I can bring my children along to the job club, as they are given colouring and drawing activities to do whilst I continue on the Restart programme.

They are given free drinks and refreshments, making it accessible and easy to enjoy.’’

Hannah would highly recommend Restart to anyone else who is in a similar situation to herself.

‘’If you are looking for a new career, just get out there and do it. It has been an amazing experience for me, and I look forward to a successful career in teaching.’’

Learn more about the Restart scheme here!



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