Multiply your confidence: sylvia’s story

At Workpays, our Multiply sessions are about much more than learning numeracy skills. It is an outlet to be creative, learn new skills, and build new-found confidence.

For Sylvia Faulkner, she started attending her local Multiply sessions at the Belper Library to get back in touch with her technological side.

She said: ‘’For several years I haven’t been keeping up with technology and wanted to learn new skills. My Husband is good with anything digital, but I wanted to find a new sense of independence.’’

Before her retirement in 2006, Sylvia was a teacher of topics such as secretarial and IT skills. Due to an illness, she lost interest in technology.

She stated: ‘’Now that I have recovered from my illness, I am excited to learn new digital skills from Rachel who is a fantastic tutor.

‘’The sessions are fantastic – I have made so many new friends which is nice when you have children that don’t live locally. Many of my friends can ask for technological support from their children, but now I can ask my classmates.’’

In recent sessions, Sylvia has been learning basic skills such as how to import family photographs to her laptop to have them printed. She’s excited to be able to use more of her old gadgets and practice her new skills in everyday life.

She said: ‘’I have all sorts of gadgets at home including a Fitbit which I had no idea how to use. I can’t wait to wear it and walk to boots to print off my photos now I understand how it all works.

‘’It may only seem small, but the thought of it gives me so much independence, which is all thanks to the sessions held at the library.

Sylvia also stated how she is looking forward to sharing everything that she has learned with her family at Christmas.

She said: ‘’When I see my family at Christmas, I can play with the grandchildren on all their new gadgets, and I’ll be proud to tell my children that I am attending these sessions.

‘’Retirement is a funny business, as you almost lose your routine and organisation. The sessions have allowed me to set aside time for something I enjoy.

‘’I would recommend the Multiply sessions to anyone within the local community.’’

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