At Workpays, we understand that the journey on your career path can sometimes be a little tricky. Upskilling or even starting over can pose challenges, as learning new things may be overwhelming. However, our team is always on hand to support you wherever you may need it. Whether that be a helping hand along the way, or making lessons fun and simple to digest, we’ve got you covered!

One member of the Workpays team who goes above and beyond for her students is Jessica Evans, who teaches our financial services provision to learners as part of their apprenticeship. learner, Isla Lee, enjoyed the interactive teaching of the course.

She said: ‘’I thoroughly enjoyed the apprenticeship programme, and found the workload easy to manage. Jess made it really fun and was very helpful with everything I needed.

‘’She was on call 24/7 and responded every time I needed help, which was so important to me as I was a little nervous about starting the programme.

‘’I am very grateful for everything Jessica has taught me.’’

Christiaan Thirion is another student who has completed the apprenticeship under Jessica, who stated that through doing the course he was able to develop within his career.

He said: ‘’The apprenticeship was a great help in getting my career moving in the right direction. I enjoyed sharing the experience with my peers and the masterclass events were really beneficial.

‘’Jessica and her team were always on hand for help and support. By making the classes engaging, it made learning really easy and lots of fun. There was amazing encouragement provided throughout.

‘’I am so proud of my qualification, I am thrilled that I was able to achieve a Distinction. Jess even shared my achievement with others, which just shows how she goes above and beyond as a tutor.

‘’I can’t thank Jessica enough.’’

For Jessica, this is all part of her role as a financial services tutor, and she loves to offer support to all of her students by making lessons fun and easy.

She said: ‘’For me, there is no greater achievement than seeing my apprentices succeed.

”Regular small wins lead to big long-term changes, and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience of the financial services industry with my learners.

Throughout my career as a coach and trainer, I have learnt the importance and impact of getting to know the people I teach and being able to cater that support to their individual needs.”

Well done Jessica!


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