Celebration Friday: Jenny’s Story

As National Apprenticeship Week draws to a close, we want to celebrate all the amazing opportunities this career choice can bring to all.

Jenny Beagan began her career at The Co-operative Bank in 2004 when she was 24. She has two small children and had been a full-time Mum for 4 years before her and her husband decided to role reverse.

‘’It was time for me to try something new, and my Husband was happy to take a step back from his career to allow me to spend less time at home.’’

Jenny started on customer services full-time and knew that The Co-op was a reputable company to work for. She had no experience and only GCSE qualifications. During her time on the customer service team, she stepped up to a team leader position, as someone needed to cover. 

‘’I helped out with the academy for new starters, and then in 2010 we had a brand new visa system in, where I had to train the team. I applied for a training role and was successful, working in the back office and upskilling advisors.

‘’They decided to get rid of the role, so I moved into the fraud department. I then moved back into processing, as I enjoyed this role.

Jenny was an advisor but was often used for projects, changes, and supporting team members due to her acquired knowledge. It was then that she began a higher-level customer services apprenticeship. 

‘’I successfully passed my first apprenticeship, and decided I wanted a new challenge. I began my team leader apprenticeship at the beginning of 2022, and by July I had become successful in applying for the team manager role. 

‘’The apprenticeship spurred me on to apply for the role as it had showed me that I could do it.’’

In December, Jenny completed her team leader apprenticeship. She would highly recommend it to others as it has allowed her to grow massively in confidence.

‘’I refer back to what I have learned on my apprenticeship all the time, sometimes without even realising. I wouldn’t have all the knowledge needed without the course.

‘’I am so proud of my journey as it has shown me I can do anything I put my mind to. I am looking forward to a prosperous career with an employer who truly cares about my growth and career progression.’’

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