AMAZING APPRENTICESHIPS: workpays staff decide to upskill

At Workpays, we actively encourage all staff members to upskill and grow in an area that they are passionate about. For George Boylin and Humaira Makda, have decided to take on an apprenticeship to progress within their career and enhance their roles.

Humaira, a Junior Marketing Executive, has decided to take on a L4 Marketing Executive apprenticeship, as her current role focuses mainly on graphic design. Given her existing degree in graphic design, she wishes to develop her marketing skills and expand her knowledge base.

She said: ‘’I had never really considered pursuing a career in marketing. However, this job opportunity at Workpays has completely shifted my perspective. I have enjoyed learning aspects of marketing from the team and now want to expand on this.’’

Choosing an apprenticeship means Humaira is able to maintain her full-time work commitment seamlessly.

She stated: ‘’The idea of dedicating one workday solely to the apprenticeship appeals to me, as it means I don’t have to spend as much personal time completing it. 

‘’The apprenticeship provides a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience and improve my skills and knowledge. This practical experience will undoubtedly stimulate my career growth, allowing me to advance my role and responsibilities.’’

George Boylin, Head of Finance, is in the process of starting his apprenticeship in our Level 4 business analyst. He has decided to study to contribute towards his continuous professional development.

He said: ‘’The business analyst apprenticeship is relevant to anyone looking to work in finance, therefore, my studies will contribute greatly towards my development.’’

George currently manages budgeting and forecasting across all departments within Workpays and believes starting an apprenticeship will only strengthen his skill sets.

He said: ‘’I can develop and grow in a relaxed way, studying alongside my current role.’’

‘’I think it’s fantastic that Workpays believes in continuous learning and wants to grow it’s staff to make them the best versions of themselves.’’

‘’I can’t wait to get started!’’

Stay tuned to find out how they both get on!

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