Since it is both National Numeracy Day and Learning at Work Week, it felt only right to explain how having numeracy skills can enhance your life. Let’s face it – for most people, maths isn’t the most ‘fun’ of subjects. You probably contemplate to yourself, where am I ever going to use letters as part of maths calculation? But understanding maths goes much deeper than this, as it can affect both your work and home life, meaning everyday is a numeracy day.

So, here are just a few of the reasons why getting to grips with numbers might save you a lot of headache…

It can make managing finances easier

When we think back to school, what is it that we often associate with maths? Algebra, logarithms, pythagoras? I know I do, and I also remember how difficult it was! But, I never remember my classes being applied to how my numeracy skills could help me manage my finances in the future. On our Multiply programme, maths is applied to real-life situations, making mortgage calculations to family budgeting much easier. In the current climate, it is safe to say that everyone is struggling with the cost of living crisis. The Help for Households campaign suggests that individuals plan ahead with preparing for increased expenses, meaning financial planning will be important. Having a higher standard of mathematical knowledge will take the pressure off an already stressful time.

Makes problem solving a breeze

We face many problems throughout our lifetime – from not knowing what to have for tea, to facing difficult decisions within your career, any problem can still be unsettling. Having maths in your life means your brain is already tuned in with how to best tackle a tricky situation. Maths isn’t often just about the numbers and pen to paper. It’s about what you take away from what you’ve learnt, and how you can apply it to everyday life.

Maths helps us to understand the world better

Whether we like it or not, maths is literally everywhere. In the supermarket, in retail stores, on our bills and letters. Not having numeracy skills in a mathematically driven world is essentially like visiting a museum with your eyes closed. Our Multiply provision can offer you the skills you need to stay ahead of the game and avoid facing challenges in your everyday life. 

There you have it! Getting up to speed with maths really can be a blessing in disguise, especially given the current cost of living crisis. If you need any more support, please visit the cost of living support page.

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