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The Big Assembly is a 100% free live assembly broadcast, shown to over 140,000 people across the UK!

It’s the place to be to learn all about apprenticeships from a variety of different perspectives, including former and current apprentices, employers of apprentices, parents, education providers, and much more.

How can I benefit from the big assembly?

By tuning in to the Big Assembly, you can gain insight into how an apprenticeship may be the best choice for you, as opposed to university. There will be support available to you should this be the decision you decide to make. Alternatively, it may help you decide that an apprenticeship isn’t for you! Either way, this live broadcast will be highly insightful and informative. 

I Missed it Last Year - Can I Catch Up?

If you’ve missed our 2023 Big Assembly, don’t panic! You can watch last year’s live stream on demand along with our huge range of Big Assembly Extra content available for you to watch completely free of charge!

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